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Tubeless Install


  • Thoroughly clean inner rim with alcohol or acetone

  • Apply tape rim to the rim tire bed. Start from the valve stem hole and overlap the valve stem approximately 10 cm past.

  • Make sure you apply small amount of pressure around the inner rim, make sure all holes are covered by the rim tape and check if there is any part of the tape that is ripped by the pressure process.

  • Press the valve stem through the tape at the valve stem hole.

  • Than affix the O-rings to the bottom side of the stems, then secure tightly

  • From the valve stem, set each tires outer bead in the rim channels. Work around each rim in both directions. Do this carefully to avoid unnecessary damage to rim tape and fingers. Use plastic tire lever if needed

  •  Seat the inner beads by starting at the valve stem and working around the rims in both directions simultaneously. Note: leave a small opening for sealant.

  • Apply the sealant and rotate the wheel, then seal the final section of the bead into place.

  • Slowly and carefully inflate the tire to the correct tire pressure, please see your tire psi chart.

  • When inflating the tires, wait for the distinct sound as each tire bead catch fully. Do not exceed maximum tire pressure.



Warning: do not exceed the maximum inflation pressure recommended by the tire manufacturer. Excess tire pressure can result in the loss of tire grip and increase the chance of tire bursting. Tire pressure that is too low can decrease performance and result in abnormal wear and tear. Incorrect tire pressure can also result in loss of control and resulting in accident, injury or death.

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